World Wildlife Fund

Exhibition Stand.

Every year, WWF South Africa hosts a conference all across South Africa to present and discuss urgent matters impacting our planet. The 2019 conference was all about food wastage and the long-term effects that wasteful production has on our environment. The subject, “Journey of the Seed” focussed on the route of a single tomato seed from being planted, resources needed to grow and harvest the tomatoes all the way to cleaning, packing and transportation.

Our task was to create a 3D model depicting the “Journey of the Seed” in an infographic style that would make an impact on visitors entering the conference hall. We created a 76-piece puzzle from x-board, with two long sides that fitted on a 1×3 meter table. Beginning from one end, visitors could walk all around the table, learning as they go. The display was well received and the WWF team was delighted that it was lightweight and easy enough to transport and assemble for the next conference.